In Her Restless Streak, SHE! Goes Digital

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SHE!, the life force, the moving fearless female energy, subconsciously and unknowingly, has always been a predominant part of my art depicting genesis, whether it is in abstract forms, figurative forms or in the forms of verse. I get totally spellbound, whenever I see the sun dipping down into the glory of the golden skyline on the Canadian landscape, specifically so during the mesmerizing Canadian fall with its undulating colours constantly reminding me the glory of sunsets as I saw the in my birth place, Nainital, a beautiful hill resort on the foothills of Himalayan Range in India. The wild enchantress, the ever entrancing mystery of nature, starts casting its enormous spell on my very being, seducing each and every passing moment of my life. And then, the eternal agony of human desire within, starts longing ceaselessly, striving to capture the very essence of the fleeting time.

The unknown reality, the mysterious, magical and enigmatic SHE! The Restless Streak - grabs the centre stage of all my imaginations with her splendour and vivacity; synergising every split second of my existence, revering the glory and the very nature of the everlasting stark female element of the entire universe, with all its lights and shadows, joys and pains. And then, SHE, starts her formidable journey descending on my blank canvases and sheets of paper, toning, tinting the stark lines and forms and at times colouring and filling my bare and impassive words with her unbound magical touch.

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